As your State Senator, I have spent the last four years delivering results for our district and community. With your support I will continue to champion your priorities—job creation, education, transportation infrastructure, and affordable healthcare and housing. I am focused on our needs and put families before politics. I’m working to build a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Quality Education

A critical decision before the 2017 Legislature will be to amply fund basic K-12 education (McLeary court case). We must fulfill our constitutional duty. Fighting for quality education, affordable college tuition and workforce development partnerships at local colleges has always been a priority of mine.

Transportation Infrastructure 

While contentious politics got in the way, I still believe the I-5 bridge replacement is the single most important need our community faces. I will not give up until together, we can find a path forward for replacement of the antiquated Interstate.

Affordable Housing

I championed a bill to cut through red tape to allow citizens to seek affordable housing options and stay in their homes. I sponsored legislation to protect renters from unfair short-notice evictions that can have devastating impacts on children and families.

Health Care

It was important to put forward legislation to address needs of Medicaid patients to obtain care closer to home and correct an inequity for children who are victims of abuse. I passed a bill to focus on the rising out of pocket prescription drug costs and determining possible solutions.